Monday, October 10, 2011

Flashback to the 90's?

Antennas is the first video I made after I moved from NYC to Texas in 1993.
It was a reaction to the landscape.
I shot it on black and white super 8 and had it transferred to video. The opening titles are my attempt to get ants to spell out the word "antennas" by writing it in sugar on paper and placing it on their mound. They were a lot slower than I expected, so while the expensive super 8 film was rolling, I became impatient and set the paper on fire. (I have sped that sequence up in this version).
The antennas were shot around Dallas and Fort Worth and the surrounding area while I was driving from class to class as an adjunct art professor at various universities and junior colleges. The soundtrack was made by sampling the am radio one night. It turns out to be an odd kind of time capsule of 1993.