Monday, October 17, 2011

cut up and erased

This is a piece I did for an experimental writing workshop called ¡Copy Paste! with John Pluecker.
For an exercise in erasure, we were supposed to bring some books to use in an intervention. I brought Sexual Hygiene, Amateur Astronomy (both antiques) and Walden. When it came time to cut up and/or erase them, I found that I was too attached to them to do it.
I dug through my bag and found this brochure from an exhibition at the Austin Museum of Art, The Anxiety of Photography. The essay was written by Andrea Mellard. but now it is writ by A dreaM. I liked the show and the brochure both.
If you like it, JP is doing a workshop at Skydive in Houston on October 29: How to Cut and Paste Your Way to Artistic Freedom.

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